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A Bit About The Process

It's super easy for someone like me to get lost. I mean literally lost- yes (I have directional dyslexia)- but figuratively lost.

Once upon a time I worked for an at-home shopping company in the quality assurance department. It was intense and very fast paced, because every second of every day was accounted for, and if things didn't meet the company's strict standards the whole process would go sideways fast. We were strongly encouraged to go for our Quality Improvement Associate certification. Think baby step Six Sigma. I HATED it. I'm pretty much the definition of a free-spirited artist, and this whole organizational approach and total quality management stuff was murder for me... my brain just couldn't be that regimented. Guess what? I LEARNED something! It taught me more about creating and recognizing an effective process that I ever could have imagined. To make the best use of my time and take something from point A to point B in as effective a manner as possible, and to drop actions that aren't getting that A to B done.

The process of curating one-of-a-kind goodies is easy; that's my second nature, and I love it! It's what happens when said treasures enter Villa Milagro that the quality assurance nerd needs to come out and take the wheel because the picking is easy... it's the other 98% that sucks up time and effort. One of these days I will make a flow chart to show just what the process look like. It will include washing and disinfecting every item that comes in the door immediately (I'm a class A germaphobe), assessing its' condition, fixing/bathing/conditioning an item, assessing the weather to see if it is nice enough to take photos, prepping the item to photograph, logging it in to inventory, editing photos, researching the item or manufacturer, measuring and describing the item and calling out all features/benefits/issues, pricing the item, then carefully housing it until it sells.

Oftentimes, when the process starts falling apart and my plate feels full to overflowing I just remind myself that I have as much time in the day as Beyonce and look what SHE can get done. So get to it, sister... time's a wastin'!

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