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The Little Mystery Box

The Little Mystery Box

So here's the thing: We are really good pickers.


The art and passion of finding vintage treasures is at the core of this business. Interests vary, and can range from ridiculous and weird to luxurious and decadent. Saving and restoring pieces brings us such joy, and seeing them going off to their new homes is just the best feeling!


Having said that, it's the photographing, editing, writing the verbiage is just an absolute drag and is a time vampire.


Soooooo...Let's do a mystery box! For your box you will get the choice of a drop down that will highlight what you're most interested in seeing in your hand selected treasure chest but that's it. The rest is a mystery!


The Little Mystery Box is a fun box, perfect to keep or to gift for the vintage lover in your life!


To give you an idea of what *could* be included:

Cocktail party: Shakers, decanters, bar accessories

Cocktails for one: Vintage single glasses, barware,

Oddities and curiosities: Just that. Quirky, maybe distasteful, conversation starters, unique items

Gift for men: Vintage ties, sports related, small leather goods, barware, you know - man stuff

Gift for they/them: Unisex goodies, home goods, vinyl records, cool boxes

Gift for her: I mean, duh.. girly things

Homebody: Books, cache pots, small home accessories, crafting/sewing notions

Foodie: Cutlery/serveware, dishware, spice holders, serveware

Ladies who lunch: Glam goodies, scarves, purses, jewelry, jewelry boxes

Coffee klatch: Vintage coffee cups, servers, coffee pots

Purse girl: Handbags - all vintage - we DO specialize in handbags after all!

Jewelry lover: Fun bangles, sterling silver, modernist, mid century..

Analog living: Old school living. Could be a pen, could be a checkbook cover, could be a keychain of a long-passed brand, it'll be something that anyone under 20 won't recognize

Screw it - pick for me!: Dealer's choice, baby!! You'll get a delightful assortment of je-ne-sais-quoi! Feeling brave?!?


It may be one item with the box' value or it may be some smalls creating the box' value. Either way, it will have been selected for you from a place of love, carefully packed and shipped Priority Mail!


The joy is in the mystery - no hints will be given, and no requests will be honored, but fun WILL be had!!!

  • Mystery Box Rules and Regs

    Mystery boxes are just that.  Your box contents have been chosen from carefully curated objects that have come in to the Villa and have yet to be photographed or shown off in any way. We're talking super duper secret finds!

    With every awesome thing, there has to be some "But". The "but" here is there are no returns. Period, end of story.  No take backs, no do-overs, nothing.

    If something is not to your taste, tuck it aside and give it as the perfect gift to the person who has everything!

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