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Handmade Vintage 70s Wood Mirror with Heart Shaped Cutout

Handmade Vintage 70s Wood Mirror with Heart Shaped Cutout

SKU: 1107

This is just the sweetest piece!  Square shaped and handmade, it has a softly rounded heart shaped cutout with a mirror in the cutout. What makes it even cooler is the etched date of Valentine's Day 1979 with initials beside the date. Are the initials for the maker or the recipient? Who knows. This is the joy of vintage.. there are always little mysteries involved in the history of the piece!



11"W x 11"H x 3/4"H



Solid medium toned wood body with clear coating

Square silhouette

Heart shaped cutout

Mirror backed opening

Yellow paper backing

White metal hanging bar

Engraved 2-14-79 GM



Excellent vintage condition. The mirror is completely intact - no chips or cracks, the paper backing is well secured, and the wood is in overall very good shape. There are minor scratches around the edges in spots that can be expected for an item of its' age.  The wood has been cleaned as has the mirrow and this beauty is ready to head off on its next adventure. 


* Note: Super cool wood lamp base and wood handled bar tools sold separately. *

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