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MCM Krosno Style Glass Cocktail Pitcher & Holmgaard Princess Wine Glasses

MCM Krosno Style Glass Cocktail Pitcher & Holmgaard Princess Wine Glasses

SKU: 362

While these were made by two different manufacturers in two different countries, they play so well together, they are being grouped together to become a blended family.  The gorgeous (GORGEOUS!) glasses were made by Danish design house Holmgaard and are part of the Princess collection designed by Bent Severin; featuring a heavy cone shaped crystal base with a teardrop shaped enclosed controlled bubble in it.  The pitcher is made by the Polish design house, Krosno.  The weighted base holds a controlled bubble that breaks the surface. It's the perfect set for cocktails for two; I don't know why, but I'm imagining making up a batch of Negronis in it, but certainly you can pick your poison!



Pitcher: 9"H x 4 1/4" W at spout (3 3/4" Diameter)

              32 Fl oz

Glasses: 8"H x 3 1/4" Diameter

               8 Fl oz




Clear blown glass

Integrated spout

Cylindrical shape

Weighted base

Controlled flattened bubble in base




Clear thin blown glass 

Cone shaped solid weighted stem

Controlled inverted encapsulated bubble




Excellent vintage condition.  No nicks, chips, or scratches on any of the 3 pieces.  This is a beautiful and complimentary set, ready to hit the bar scene in your Scandi/Mid Century home. All pieces have been hand washed and dried in preparation for its' next stop in life!


*Note: Due to the fragile nature of these items, they can only ship within the United States.*

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