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Vintage 80s Tonala Sandstone Folk Art Bird and Flower Motif Vase

Vintage 80s Tonala Sandstone Folk Art Bird and Flower Motif Vase

There are certain styles and objects that seem to gravitate to Villa Milagro... vases, yes.  Vintage Mexican folk art, ABSOLUTELY yes! Tonala has been a center of pottery making since Pre-Hispanic times, and are known for their representative animal and natural depictions.  There are two vases available!  Choose from a bold parrot with dark blue high glazed accents or a hummingbird with periwinkle high gloss glazed accents.  There's no wrong answer here.. they are both fabulous and will be right at home in your rustic, Boho, retro, or maximalist home!




8 1/2"H x 5" Diameter


9"H x 5" Diameter



Unglazed outer sandstone ceramic

Insides glazed clear 

Semi gloss and high gloss glazes in black, brown, emerald green, navy blue, periwinkle blue, and white

Floral and bird motifs in scrolling, organic styles

Both signed Mex on base

Parrot signed with a Z and has an added E on the base

Hand wash and dry


Excellent vintage condition. Neither vases have any cracks, chips, or crazing of the glaze. The hummingbird vase has a small rust colored spot that may be part of the stoneware clay.  Either way, these beauties are ready to head off on their next adventures!  


Please note that these are being sold separately; you can pick your option at check out!


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