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Vintage Mid Century Enamel on Copper Max Karp Painting

Vintage Mid Century Enamel on Copper Max Karp Painting

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Max Karp (1916-1999) was a pioneer in Mid Century enamel artwork on copper. According to Ro Gallery: A self-taught artist, Karp was born in Ohio in 1916 and raised in California. He lives in Southern California. Karp began painting by recording in his oils various species of birds and insects for his father who was an ornithologist/entomologist. In the mid-1960's, Karp became interested in the enamel process. Beginning on a small scale, he taught himself the enamel technique and later experimented with the large paintings in enamel for which he is best known. During the last decade, Karp's enamel paintings have received critical recognition. I did some vitreous enameling in college and can tell you that its is painstaking to do. If one granule of color falls on another (and you'll never see it because it's finer than Florida sugar sand), that color will show on the one that it dropped on to once it's fired, and your pace will be junk. While clowns can come off as creepy, this one looks a little melancholy, like he's looking off at something or thinking about something.



Artwork: 12"H x 9"W

Framed: 17 1/4"H x 14"W



Porcelain enamel over copper by Max Karp

Signed on lower right

Linen border and gilded wood frame

Wire hanger on back

Created 1950's-1960's


~CONDITION: Overall very good condition. There is a 4mm chip in the enamel on the hairline of the left facing side, parallel to the eye that appears to be from a ding in the back. there are a couple of small dents in the back, but just the one has caused the enamel to chip (zoom in closeup). There is a chip in the frame on the bottom back right, but other than that, the wear is commensurate with the age of the piece. I have priced the art accordingly, as Max Karp pieces are highly valuable and collectable items.

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