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Vintage Refurbished 90s Coach Black Leather Buckle Bag

Vintage Refurbished 90s Coach Black Leather Buckle Bag

SKU: 93

This tote is part of the SoHo Collection; a collection of lighter weight split full grain leathers. Coach quality without the weight you'd get from the super thick leathers. Because it's a medium sized tote, that means you can put more purse stuff in it and not get totally bogged down with weight. Great for shopping, daily use, or as an on-the-go bag. The bag is shown in the catalog with almost a lunch bag fold in the sides, and that's how it came to me, but it really wants to be fully expanded when it's worn, so we styled it that way since it will wear that way.



9 ½” x 9 ½” 5 ¾”

29”-31” Adjustable straps



Full-grain glove tanned black leather

Brass hardware

Adjustable shoulder straps

Magnetic closure

Zippered inside pocket

Reinforced base

Made in the United States

No hangtag

Bullseye stamp




Good vintage condition. It was a beat up mess when we got it; it really needed a lot of TLC, but it was pretty much just surface yuck that was taken care of between the bath and the few layers of conditioner. The inside had 2 huge ink stains that required hours of soaking to get dissipate (thank goodness it's black, otherwise this would have been totally trashed visually), and there are 2 spots of what we think might be Crazy Glue on in the inside base, but once you put your purse stuff in there, you'll never see it again. The only other blip is the straps; the center layer is kind of crunched up, though it is really an aesthetic thing, rather than a structural one. I just have to call all this out, and please know that the bag has been priced accordingly.


For reference sake, dress form measurements:

Height: 5'7"

14" Shoulders

37" Bust

27" Waist

36" Hips

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