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Vintage Rose Quartz and Jadeite Grape Cluster

Vintage Rose Quartz and Jadeite Grape Cluster

SKU: 1052

This delightful cluster of Rose Quartz grapes is perfectly at home in a fabMid Century or even Hollywood Regency setting.  They are an elevated alternative to the Lucite grapes of days gone by, with their smooth opaque grapes capped off with stunning carved deep green leaves.



9"L x 4 1/2"W x 3"H



20 Oval polished Rose Quartz "grapes" in graduated sizes

5 Carved Jadeite "leaves" in graduated sizes

Narrow filament wrapped wire frame 

Carved wood look stem



Excellent vintage condition!  There are no chipped or abraded stones, and none of the wrapping is missing - 1 leafs' wrapping is fraying at the loop. Tough these are upwards of 60-70 years old they look brand new!  All the stone parts have been carefully cleaned using warm soapy water and are ready to grace their next fabulous space!

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