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When a Small Business Takes a Chance... Mystery Box Sale

A few months ago I had a brilliant idea based on the fervor that surrounds a purse company that I shop with - Mystery Boxes! While some of their 30,000 shoppers find themselves disappointed in the Facebook group with what they receive, the anticipation of getting that Mystery Box is amazing.

It got me to thinking - what if I took that concept and tweaked it for vintage lovers? Like, what if I made different categories that someone could choose from based on their interests that I could pick from a huge number of beautiful retro items that I have that I simply do not have the time to photograph and get listed? Wouldn't that be cool?? Everyone I floated the idea past thought it was brilliant, and I listened to their potential obstructions about buying something that they have no idea what they might get. Based on that I tried to ratchet in the options and give an overview of each category. That's also partially a selfish reason - so that I know what kind of treasure to add to the Mystery Box for the client.

The thing about not having 30,000 customers is that I can easily curate the Mystery Box towards each customers' interests, fashion style, favorite colors, and even what decade they identify with the most..It's almost like you've got your own personal vintage shopper!

You can start by dipping your toe in the Mystery Box pool or cannonball right on it with the Big Enchilada - SO MUCH VINTAGE GOODNESS!! If you're not into extremes and want to be in a great middle ground, that can be done too. Your Retro Godmother is going to take good care of you.

What some think is a great idea, maybe others don't. I'm not giving up on these limited edition boxes though, I'm digging in! For 2 weeks I will be offering them for 15% off (use the code MYSTERYBOX to apply that awesome discount) in the hopes of spreading some retro love this Holiday Season.

Me, I'd love to get a delivery of awesome sustainable decor, vintage glassware, retro jewelry, and unique pieces! If I didn't love something I'd gift it to someone who would. Vintage pieces make the best gifts; You can be sure that the hard-to-buy-for recipient doesn't have *that*!

Listen, each of these goodies will find their way to the website, but I'd love to find them a new home and am offering a never before done sale price to boot.. it's a win-win situation, so click a link and make your way to the first ever Mystery Box Sale!

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